In my first interview of 2023, I share stories never before seen in a video nor any of my articles and reflections — such as why my husband needed to teach me how to hug.

Melanie Herschorn, founder of VIP Book Marketing, wanted to know why I wrote 30 Days to the Father’s Heart

This 19-minute video includes a hint at what my next book might be. But if you want to watch a 9-minute excerpt focusing on two stories from my life that healed me from father wounds and how they helped me reach my full potential as a treasured daughter of the Most High Father God, go to

Video Excerpt:

I learned from my husband how to hug, because both of my parents — especially my dad — were not huggers. When they did hug, it was cold and stiff. My husband came from an Italian family, a big family all warm and huggy. I realized that I needed to make some changes in myself…. I would be at gatherings, meeting up with friends, and we’d hug each other. Eventually some bold friend said, “Terry you don’t hug very well you should learn from Ralph” (that’s my husband). 

So I said to Ralph, “Please teach me how to hug!”

That was one of the turning-point moments in my life where I really began to examine my relationship with my father and why I wasn’t the way I wanted to be.

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30 Days to the Father’s Heart

A do-it-yourself guide to heal your father wounds through the love of Father God

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The Father loves you!

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January 24, 2023 8:25 pm

Wow Terry thanks !! Finally I hear you….Melanie, such a lovely and pleasant voice & welcoming… 🙂 thnk you for opening our hearts (^^)