This website offers healing from the father wounds that have limited the reader’s understanding of God’s immense love and deep, compassionate caring. 30 Days to the Father’s Heart is an inspirational guide to healing from the father-wounds that come from the imperfections of fathers and other authority figures. It will enable you to experience God the Father as the Perfect Father that we all long for. Using scriptures, true life stories, and theological reflection, this interactive book identifies common misconceptions that interfere with your faith in God.

Presented in 30 short chapters with video podcasts and spiritual exercises, it’s ideal for making a personal month-long retreat at home and for parish discussion groups. Each of the short chapters generates new insights that will forever change how you view God the Father.

Although Terry Modica knew Jesus Christ as a close friend since early childhood, she didn’t meet God the Father in a personal way until her early adult years. Then it struck her how little she trusted God due to projecting onto him the imperfections and limitations she had experienced from her human father and others. Getting to know the Divine Father proved to be a challenge. In this book, she shares the wisdom and healing she gained over the next forty years. Realizing that the power of Christians to change the world for Christ is weakened by distrust in God the Father, Modica has made it her goal to help people experience the wonderfulness of the True Father.

In each person’s heart are wounds that come from instinctively expecting human parents to be as good as the Divine Father. Disappointment (at least) and abuse (at worst) have damaged our relationship with God. Furthermore, fatherhood has been greatly undermined in our society. As people lose respect for human fatherhood, they also lose respect for God’s fatherhood, leading to an increase of sin and estrangement from God.

To heal this, 30 Days to the Father’s Heart empowers readers to overcome misconceptions they have about the Father. As this occurs, he fills the voids left by the insufficient love of others, and hurts are transformed into joy.

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2 Replies to “About This Guide to Healing

  1. Thank you for preparing this challenging & healing opportunity! I’ve been searching for a book such as this for 35 years! Finally, at age 75, the Lord has provided it for us.
    Thank you, again, Terry, for your awe-inspiring faithfulness. God bless you, your family, your entire Ministry, & ALL of the people that you have touched & WILL touch. TT

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