signs and wonders

Day 20: The Father Reveals His Love Through Signs and Wonders

How often do you see God’s hand intervening in your day? The Father reveals his love through signs and wonders. We see it in the […] Read More

team work means sharing the light of Christ together

Day 19: Abba Is On Your Team

Who fights for you?  Defends you? Protects you? No one on earth as much as your Divine Daddy does. Who wants to enter into your […] Read More

prayer requests

Day 18: Prayer Requests as an Exchange of Love

Do you think that your prayer requests are not answered fast enough? Or that your prayer requests are ignored by God? Do you suppose that […] Read More

Father give his son a hug

Day 17: Abba-Father wants to hug you

Are you aware of God’s touch? The tender, caring touch of the Father reaching out to you. The hug you need when you feel discouraged […] Read More

man sitting on bench in park waiting for God's compassion like a Prodigal Son

Day 16: The Father’s Compassion

The Father is full of compassion for you. Compassion is not something that we have to wait for. Compassion is not something we need to […] Read More

The Father delights in playing with you in the clouds and trees

Day 15: The Father Delights In You

Abba-Father delights in you because he knows your heart. He knows the good that is in your heart. He knows you better than you know […] Read More

The passion flower is a unique gift from God to the world, like you

Day 14: The Father sees you as a gift

Father God created you to be a treasure, a gift to be cherished. To be a gift means that we’re blessing someone. We’re making the […] Read More

adoption into God's family through baptism

Day 13: Children of God by Adoption

Up until now in this 30-day journey into the Father’s heart, we’ve been focusing on who he really is as our Divine Daddy. Now we’re […] Read More


Day 12: Communion with the Father during Eucharistic Adoration

Jesus’ mission is to take us to the Father. He did this by dying for us, taking our sins upon himself as he suffered the […] Read More

The Father's voice spoke at the baptism of Jesus

Day 11: How to Recognize the Father’s Voice

Feeling close to Abba-Father even while we are being disciplined — especially while we are being disciplined – comes from knowing how precious we are […] Read More