lilies for the Father's blessing

Day 30: Receive the Father’s Blessing

In this final day of your journey into the Father’s heart, your Very Dear Divine Daddy wants to give you his blessing. A blessing that […] Read More

Blue Ridge Mountains show the majesty of God

Day 29: The Majesty of the Father’s Love for You

When my mom was four years old, she was taken from her family and placed into the home of foster parents. Ten years later, the […] Read More

Father God has gifted you - walk with him in your special purpose

Day 28: The Father Gifted You to Make A Difference

The path to the deepest place in Abba-Father’s heart is the road of ministry — in other words, collaborating with him in his works. At […] Read More

the Holy Family protected by Saint Joseph

Day 26: Saint Joseph as the Image of God’s Fatherhood

Only one saint stands out as the best human model of God’s fatherhood. Saint Joseph is the best ally for men who want to be […] Read More

Rays of divine illumination remind us of what saints and mystics have revealed

Day 25: Saints and Mystics Reveal the Father’s Heart

The heart of the Father is breaking. It grieves him to see so many of his precious children fall into Satan’s hands. He cherishes even […] Read More

dead roses represent lost souls

Day 24: The Tears of Abba for Lost Souls

Have you ever wondered how God feels about the lost souls in your family? You pray for them because you yearn for their salvation. You […] Read More

storms are the tears of God for your healing

Day 23: The Tears of Abba for Your Healing

Do you know yet how much Abba-Father cares about you? As your Perfect Father, he cries when you cry. He feels the pain that parents […] Read More

rocks representing the destruction of fatherhood

Day 22: Satan’s Goal Is to Destroy God’s Fatherhood

To ensure the healing of our father-shaped wounds while we purify our image of God’s fatherhood, it helps to realize how the wrong image is […] Read More

Walking Through The Garden of Life With Abba

Day 21: Walking through the Garden of Life with Abba

Have you noticed that in a garden it is easier to experience God than nearly anywhere else? Praying while sitting in or working in a […] Read More

signs and wonders

Day 20: The Father Reveals His Love Through Signs and Wonders

How often do you see God’s hand intervening in your day? The Father reveals his love through signs and wonders. We see it in the […] Read More