How’s your journey into the heart of God’s Fatherhood? Do feel differently about him today than when you started? Are you excited about this? Abba-Father is! He’s delighted that you’ve overcome some of the obstacles that have prevented you from knowing him better. He’s super happy that you are now embedded more deeply into his heart. And so he asks: “Because of what you’ve discovered, I need you to be My ambassador! There are countless people who are suffering because they don’t yet know Me well.”

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. (Mark 16:15 ESV)

Have you said yes yet to this calling? Right now, for the purposes of this book, we’re zooming in on the mission field of healing people’s relationships with Abba-Father by changing their wrong images about him, and by rescuing them from the father of lies. Are you willing to follow Saint Joseph into this battle? We’re always eager to say yes when we’re thinking about our loved ones who have been captured by the Devil. But are you interested in going farther? Are you willing to fight for the souls of other people’s loved ones?

Abba-Father is counting on you! You and I and every follower of Christ are called and commissioned to counter Satan’s attacks against fatherhood, marriage, family, and the Church.

Day 27 on the journey includes:

  1. Receive the Holy Spirit
  2. A Prayer to the Holy Spirit
  3. Purify your life
  4. Become a clear reflection of God’s fatherhood
  5. Turn evil into blessings
  6. The love of Abba in you can change the world!
  7. Abba’s plan
For help with this chapter, watch our videos:

How to Hear the Holy Spirit to become an ambassador of God's fatherhood  Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit (to be an ambassador of God's fatherhood)  How to Pray in the Power of the Holy Spirit (for God's fatherhood)


© 2021 by Terry A. Modica


This book is going to soon be republished as three workbooks. Until then, the original  book is no longer available. For news updates, be sure to subscribe to the Author's Blog.

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