How’s your journey into the heart of God’s fatherhood? Do feel differently about him today than when you started? Are you excited about this? Abba-Father is! He’s delighted that you’ve overcome some of the obstacles that have prevented you from knowing him better. He’s super happy that you are now embedded more deeply into his heart. And so he asks: “Because of what you’ve discovered, I need you to be My ambassador! There are countless people who are suffering because they don’t yet know Me well.”

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. (Mark 16:15 ESV)

Have you said yes yet to this calling? Right now, for the purposes of this book about God’s fatherhood, we’re zooming in on the mission field of healing people’s relationships with Abba-Father by changing their wrong images about him, and by rescuing them from the father of lies. Are you willing to follow Saint Joseph into this battle? We’re always eager to say yes when we’re thinking about our loved ones who have been captured by the Devil. But are you interested in going farther? Are you willing to fight for the souls of other people’s loved ones?

Abba-Father is counting on you! You and I and every follower of Christ are called and commissioned to counter Satan’s attacks against fatherhood, marriage, family, and the Church. And here’s how to be successful:

  1. Purge from your own life the misconceptions you have about God’s fatherhood — check! Done, although there is more work to do on this.
  2. Consecrate your life to Saint Joseph (and/or Holy Mother Mary) — covered on Day 26.
  3. Receive the Holy Spirit’s anointing.
  4. Purify your life, make frequent use of the Sacrament of Confession, and do penances that strengthen your holiness so that your battle armor has no holes through which the enemy can weaken you.
  5. Become a clear reflection of God’s fatherhood, examining your conscience about this and asking the Holy Spirit to illuminate your vision about how to do this better.
  6. Turn evil into blessings by using the problems and victories you’ve experienced as energy and motivation for helping others discover and run to the True Father.
  7. Identify your gifts and talents and look for or create opportunities to use them to glorify God.

Receive the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is Christ’s Spirit generously given to us so that we can be holy and to continue the ministry that Christ began — especially the mission of revealing God the Father in such a way that others will desire to spend eternity with him. Just like Jesus did. People met the Father through Jesus. People can meet the Father through you now. When Jesus walked the Earth, the Father’s true image was revealed by Jesus: how he lived, how he handled conflicts, how he cared, how he forgave, etc. Jesus walks the Earth through you, now. Others will discover the Father’s true image by how you live, how you handle conflicts, how you care, how you forgive, and so forth.

On our own, we cannot be like our Father enough to convert the hearts of others. We need the Holy Spirit for this. When Christ’s Spirit is alive and active within us, we have Christ’s holiness, his faith, his supernatural love and peace, confidence and endurance, and everything else that we need to become the Father’s ambassadors.

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth. (Acts 1:8 NASB)

Ever since the first out-pouring of the Spirit on Pentecost, God has been transforming the world by working through those who serve his kingdom. When we’re willing to be part of this exciting plan, God generously fills us with his Spirit so that we will succeed in everything that he commissions us to do. How well we serve — how much his holiness and power exudes from us — is up to us.

We receive the Holy Spirit during baptism. The reality of this was confirmed and strengthened in the Sacrament of Confirmation. But this is not enough. It’s a partnership with God and we have to say yes to it. We have to desire it so much that it directs our thoughts and our actions.

Have you ever been asked, “Are you born-again?” Skip that question! Go directly to: “Is the Holy Spirit living within you, activating your faith, inspiring you to holy action?” Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is only the first step. A personal relationship with his Holy Spirit is what transitions a sinful person into a holy person.

It was the Holy Spirit who gave the first Apostles unfettered boldness to proclaim God’s word. Without this, they were scared and ineffective. Does your faith give you powerful boldness and confidence? Does it motivate you to take action for the sake of those who are suffering from the lack of a close Father-child relationship?

It was the Holy Spirit who filled the first Christians with rejoicing when they faced persecution. Are you able to rejoice in the midst of troubles? If not, ask to be renewed by the Holy Spirit.

It was the Holy Spirit who inspired them to pray and who deepened their prayer life. Is your prayer life in need of help? If it is, then ask the Holy Spirit to fill your prayer time.

It was the Holy Spirit, not a tornado, who blew like a violent wind from heaven and filled the whole house where the disciples were gathered on Pentecost (read Acts 2:1-4). Do you sense the powerful presence of God when you gather in community? If not, ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and keep asking until the Spirit overwhelms you. (This is best done in community with others praying for the release of the Spirit in you.)

Jesus put the baptism of the Holy Spirit on an equal level with the baptism of water:

Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. (John 3:5-6 NIV)

The two work together: baptism by water cleanses us from sin; the Holy Spirit empowers us to be holy and resist new temptations to sin. Does your faith enable you to overcome repeated tendencies to sin? If not, then let nothing stop you from receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. By water, God’s holiness has replaced your fallen, sinful nature. By the Holy Spirit, God’s holiness has become your true nature.

The Holy Spirit is the key that unlocks our holiness: “No one can enter into God’s kingdom without being born of water and Spirit. Spirit begets spirit.” We can only be Christ-like when his Holy Spirit is alive and active in us. We can only stay on the path to heaven when the Holy Spirit is our guide. We can only lead the world to God’s fatherhood when the Spirit of Christ reveals him through us.

A common misconception that thwarts our ability to serve as an ambassador of God’s fatherhood is the idea that only some specially chosen people are filled so fully with the Holy Spirit that they live supernatural lives. Do you suppose that the Father has rationed the gift of his Spirit to you? Do you think you have a portion of the Holy Spirit or the fullness of the Spirit?

The one who comes from heaven is above all…. For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit. (John 3:31,34 NIV)

Jesus said that the Father did not ration (“limit”) the Spirit to him. What about us? Peter said that the Holy Spirit has been given to all who obey the Father.

Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings! The God of our ancestors raised Jesus from the dead…. We are witnesses of these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him.” (Acts 5:29-30,32 NIV)

You and I do not obey God all of the time like Jesus did. Does this mean that the Father gives us less of his Spirit than he gave to Jesus?

Try this question: Is the love of God’s fatherhood ever limited? Can he partially love anyone? Of course not! There is no such thing as “partial love”. Love is love! God who is love fully and completely loves you. So why does it seem like he gave Jesus the fullness of the Spirit but only a portion to us?

Jesus stayed fully in touch with the Father and was therefore open to receiving everything that the Father wanted to give him. He could hear everything that the Father told him. And he could do everything that the Father wanted to do through him.

When we were baptized into the life of Christ, the Father gave us his Spirit fully. The problem is, we’re not fully in touch with the Father. Our worldly attachments and busyness distract us. Our sins build a dam that holds back the waters of the Spirit.

Countless Saints have experienced the power of the Spirit in amazing miracles because they worked hard daily at breaking down the barriers between this world and heaven. They worked hard at purging out all the sins and distractions that disconnected them from God. “But I’ll never be that holy,” we point out. We give up before we try long enough. We become content with the progress we’ve made and so we sit down on a cozy wayside bench. We see hard work ahead, and so we turn onto paths that look pleasant and easy.

Thus, we lead mediocre lives instead of miraculous ones. Big dreams about doing amazing ministries become fantasies instead of realities. And instead of achieving great accomplishments that change the world, we severely limit our potential.

The Father is not the one who rations the Holy Spirit to us. We are the ones who put limitations on our service as Abba’s ambassadors. Observe the decisions that you make today (and each day) while asking yourself: “Am I choosing the way of holiness? Am I staying centered on God’s love for me and my love for him?” Each and every moment!

Making the right decisions — the holy and loving and soul-nurturing decisions — will flood your life with God’s Spirit.

For help with this, watch our videos:

How to Hear the Holy Spirit to become an ambassador of God's fatherhood  Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit (to be an ambassador of God's fatherhood)  How to Pray in the Power of the Holy Spirit (for God's fatherhood)

A Prayer to the Holy Spirit:

Dear Jesus, stir up within me the fullness of Your Holy Spirit. Help me to live in Your holy power. Open my mind to understand Your truths, and open my heart to accept Your truths even before I gain right understanding.

O Holy Spirit, help me to seek, more than anything, the kingdom of God. Help me to recognize what I am attached to that is not of You, and give me the determination and the strength to let go. I want only You.

O Holy Spirit, help me to face my sinfulness and to feel genuine sorrow for the damage that I have caused. Comfort me as I mourn my need for forgiveness, and give me Your spirit of rejoicing over this new growth. Then, help me to share this healing mercy with all those around me.

Jesus commanded, “Go into all the world and preach the good news.” Use my gifts and talents to make a difference. I have my own expectations about what I should and should not do. I now surrender to You my ideas, my limitations, my preferences, and my goals. I want to be useful to You. I want to go where You lead me. Holy Spirit, send me forth gifted and empowered to spread greater awareness of God’s fatherhood.

Come Holy Spirit, renew me. Amen!

Purify your life

Restoring the world to God’s fatherhood happens one soul at a time. Think about the people in your life who are not on the path that leads to Heaven. You feel worried about them because you care. You care because you know what a huge blessing it would be for them if they surrendered their lives to God right now. You wish you could help them experience the compassion, mercy and helpfulness of Abba-Father. They desperately need it. Perhaps you’ve even felt the tears of Abba as he longs to pull them into his heart.

We need to repent from being so focused on our own lives that we ignore the tears of Abba. We need to let go of our feelings of inadequacy that make us say, “That’s not in my job description as a Christian. That’s for someone else to do.” We need to awaken the sleeping ambassador within us and ask: “Why am I not doing more to reclaim God’s fatherhood over the world?”

It’s a sin to keep the truth bottled up and locked away. The Holy Spirit wants to speak out through us, but we hold back because we don’t want to feel embarrassed or criticized. Abba wants to love those who have not been loved enough, but he needs our flesh to do the reaching out and the hugging.

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:14-16 NIV)

Because we love Jesus and appreciate what he did for us on the Cross, we have the light of Christ within us. But all too often we let the unloving behaviors of others hide this light by darkening our spirits. Do we stay angry when they sin against us — or do we give them the gift of Abba’s love? Do we protect ourselves from rejection and persecution by hiding the light — or do we boldly increase the light and take it out into the darkened world?

Abba-Father wants to us to work with Jesus to conquer evil by spreading the Light of Truth everywhere, but if we hide our faith under a basket, we imprison the truth about God’s fatherhood.

As much as we have the love of Abba within us, if we’re not giving it to others, the lack of its outward movement makes us feel empty. It’s like a faucet. Wrap your hand around the kitchen faucet. When the tap is closed, the pipes are full of water, but you can’t feel it. Open the tap, let the water flow, and now you feel its power as the water’s movement vibrates the pipes. In the same way, we can only feel the fullness of God’s love and power within us when we let it flow out to others.

By purifying our own lives and deepening our own relationship with our Divine Daddy, his love pours out from us. Then, everything we do can reveal the Father’s true nature to those who are thirsty for spiritual healing. Opportunities occur every day and in ordinary circumstances. Wherever we connect with others — on social media sites, in stores and restaurants, in church, at work — the waters of the Holy Spirit can flow out from us and reveal Abba’s true nature.

Become a clear reflection of God’s fatherhood

Many people ask: “If God really exists, why does he let evil happen?” The answer is: because we allow evil to happen.

You and I and all Christians are the earthly Body of Christ, and Abba-Father expects us to continue the earthly ministry of his Son. Jesus made this clear when he sent disciples out to surrounding towns and villages during their apostolic training (see Luke 10:1-16) and when he gave his final instructions just before ascending to heaven (Mark 16:15).

Jesus is still saying to his followers today:

You are the light of the world, because I am in you, you are in Me, and I am in the Father. I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven (see Matthew 5:14 and 16, John 14:20, and John 8:12).

If our lives our immersed in Jesus Christ, if our decisions depend on what he has taught, then we’re living in the Divine Light that destroys evil. We have within us that light. We have within us the ability to conquer the powers of darkness — if only we allow ourselves to become fully brilliant in it, releasing it instead of bottling it up or hiding it under a bushel basket.

You are Abba-Father’s ambassador. See how important you are to him!

Christians have been given divine strength — which is the power of the light of Christ to defeat  darkness — to open the gates of hell and dispel the lies and deceptions that have imprisoned people. We have been given the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Truth) to defeat the darkness that has been blinding people to the truth. We can and must introduce them to God’s fatherhood (as it truly is) and the salvation he has provided through his Son Jesus and his Holy Spirit who changes people’s hearts and minds.

“The gates of hell will not prevail against you” is not a promise. It’s a fact. (Remember Matthew 16:18 from Day 26.)

Here’s an illustration of just how easily the light of Christ within you can conquer darkness. If you take two boxes and attach them side by side, and then punch a hole between them, what would happen if you put a lamp inside one of them? Would the darkness pass through the hole and diminish the light? Or would the light pass through the hole and enlighten the other box?

See, the power of light is completely stronger than the power of darkness! This is the power of the Light of Truth. This is what we are called to share by the way we live our lives and reveal what God the Father is truly like.

Charmaine saw it happen:

A friend called to “talk”, and at the beginning I was apprehensive. I wanted to protect myself. But as she continued speaking, the Holy Spirit was telling me that this was the reason for my faith experiences. So I opened up, and the more I shared the lighter she got and the freer I felt. She was actually laughing by the time we were done.

Turn evil into blessings

Who in your life is suffering through a tragedy or difficulty? Realize that they’re instinctively seeking a ray of light that will lead them out of their darkness into hope, love, healing, and the restoration of goodness.

I think everybody… knows deep down in their hearts that there is God, and that we have been created to love and to be loved; that we have not been created to be just a number in the world. But we have been created for some purpose, and that purpose is to be love, to be compassion, to be goodness, to be joy, to serve. (St. Teresa of Calcutta)

You can reveal to them Abba’s loving fatherhood. When they’re ready to be assured that God cares about them; they’re ready to grow. Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare their minds to receive the truths that will help them find what they seek. And then ask the Holy Spirit to give you the words to speak when Abba shows you that the time is right.

It’s quite normal to feel inadequate when we look at the darkness of lies and misconceptions that are controlling others. This feeling comes from looking at ourselves and being aware of our limitations. Don’t do this! Look instead at what you do have: your experiences that have increased your trust in God, and your compassion, and your opportunities to reach out and speak to those who are hurting, and much more.

If your heart is with God, if your heart loves to serve him, if your heart trusts your Divine Daddy, and if your heart wants to be obedient to his ways, he will raise you up. He is, in fact, already preparing you for something important to do in the battle to restore his fatherhood to the world.

Be ready! All of your experiences — the good and the bad — can be used as a preparation for a special anointing that God wants to give you. How do I know? Because that’s the way he works all of the time. He uses everything about today to prepare us for a future mission, even though we’re not aware of being prepared, so that we can do greater and greater works for his kingdom.

Look for the fire that burns because of the hardships you’ve endured and the healings you’ve received. This is where God can work most powerfully through you. Don’t overlook this fire. Abba-Father put it there for his purposes and plans.

The path he’s laid before you might not be clear, but put one foot forward and start moving! God will reveal the next step and then the next and then the next.

Consider this: If a hundred years from now you were to be canonized a saint, what “specialty” would be your patronage? Oh don’t balk at this question. Even if you’re never officially canonized, you are in fact headed for heaven because of your love for Christ. What would the people on earth ask you to pray for when you reach the throne of God?

This “specialty” is what you’ve been anointed to do now, serving God with your life here on earth. This is how he will reach some of his children who have turned away from him. This is how he will restore holy fatherhood to families. This is how he will change the world.

Identify your gifts and talents

God's fatherhood is a gift you share from your heartJesus revealed to Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus that the Father is pleased to work with those who become utterly docile to his direction, with total dependence upon him, because in this humble position we are ready to receive his gifts. Anything and everything that benefits the kingdom of God then becomes possible.

What traits do you have that can be a gift to others? These are traits of your heavenly Father, which he gave to you as part of your inheritance. Do they seem too little and insignificant for the big task of revealing Abba’s love to the world? This is not a problem! Abba can and will multiply what you have, like he did when Jesus prayed over the few loaves and fish that fed a huge crowd.

Consider the passion you feel. Have you cried over lost loved ones? Let your concern for them be fuel for your light. Then Jesus, who is your Light, can invade the darkness of lost souls through you. Although you probably cannot make a difference in your own family members, you’ll be able to enlighten the loved ones of others.

“Let your lamps be burning ready,” Jesus said in Luke 12:35-38.  “Be dressed and ready for service.” Is the light of Christ within you “burning ready”? Not just lit, but ready to join Christ on the adventure of knocking down the gates of hell and conquering territories of darkness?

What’s the fire in you? What do you feel passionate about that’s useful to the Lord? Why do you care so much about the souls of others?

The Lord has much need of your gifts and talents, experiences and skills, training and wisdom. He can put it all to very good use. And he wants to! He plans to! But too often we say no because we fail to understand how much he’s already prepared us, and so we feel intimidated by the possibilities. We need to trust more in Abba-Father than in our own limited understanding.

There is no one else who can offer to the kingdom of God exactly what you can offer. You are the answer to the prayers of someone who is lifting up to the Father another lost child. Abba looks at you and knows that you, uniquely, can reach that particular victim of Satan better than anyone else in his or her life. The Holy Spirit will point out to you who that person is — if you ask for eyes to see.

If you feel inadequate and overwhelmed by the task, remember that it’s not you who are the source of adequacy. You are not the Savior. You are the vessel of the Divine Love that is more powerful than evil. Where sin abounds, grace abounds the more (see Romans 5:20). God’s grace combined with your passion will make a difference despite how small and insignificant your abilities seem to be.

If you’ve smothered the flame of your lamp with doubts, Abba is offering you a two-step process to reignite your fire.

  1. The Sacrament of Reconciliation removes the sin that’s been strangling your confidence. It also provides supernatural grace to overcome the natural tendencies of fear, self-doubt, and any lack of concern for the souls of unbelievers.
  2. The baptism of the Holy Spirit (or the renewal of it) sets your heart on fire and empowers you to do whatever the Father wants to do through you.

Abba’s abundant grace is always readily available to increase your faith, to strengthen your resolve, and to make you successful despite all obstacles. This is what it means to be “burning ready”.

It’s not we who change the world. It’s the divine presence of God within us, burning like a furnace in which no evil can survive.

The love of Abba in you can change the world!

Why does God let evil happen? Because evil has been enfleshed in this world and Abba stops it through the flesh — first through the incarnation of God the Son Jesus, then through us, his adopted children. But too few of us are actually doing our part.

Abba-Father wants to raise up a vast corps of ambassadors who have the passion to reclaim the world for holy fatherhood. We are needed and called because we now live in a society where Satan’s version of fatherhood has made it “okay” to redefine marriage, change gender identity, and seek sexual pleasures outside of marriage. Divorce is considered better than the self-sacrificing hard work of permanent marriages. Personal agendas preclude having children and even murder them in the womb. Marriages fall apart and families with children are raising them without faith. Why? Because we’re not doing enough with what we’ve been given.

Too few have been answering the call to be warriors and ambassadors.

It would be so much easier if Jesus would hurry up and return in his Second Coming to punish all evil-doers and whisk us away in a trouble-escaping rapture. However, escapism does not save souls. God has a better plan.

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16 NIV)

This is how Abba saves souls. This is how he spreads his fatherhood across the earth. This is how we spread the truth about God’s fatherhood and change the misconceptions that are keeping people away from his love. Abba-Father uses the Light of Christ within us to reveal his love to others in a way that changes their hearts.

When Jesus walked the earth, he united us to God the Father by revealing the Father’s true nature in everything he said and did. This is what we are now supposed to do. As you discover more and more about what your Divine Daddy is really like, through this book and in all the circumstances of your life, you are called and commissioned to share what you’ve learned so that others may discover it, too. (One easy way to do this is to bring them to this website and give them a copy of the book.)

It’s more than a calling! It’s love. It’s the love of Abba made real in you. It’s your love for Abba coming to fruition as you give witness to how wonderful God is.

One Sunday morning during Mass, an unkempt woman wandered down the center aisle of church all the way to the front pew. She clutched a paper shopping bag stuffed with what was probably her only possessions. After sitting down, she fell asleep.

After Mass, Ralph and I said hello to her. Our young children, David and Tammy, came with us and observed how we handled the situation. Ralph and I guessed that she had not eaten for a long time, so we invited her to come home with us for brunch.

A conglomeration of thoughts whizzed through my mind: “Was she dangerous? Would she show up at our door again and again begging for more food? Was she on drugs? What does God want us to do? What kind of example do we want to set for our children?”

She gratefully accepted our offer and climbed into the back seat of our car, sitting between our two children. Very politely, David and Tammy made no comment about her smell. Obviously it had been a long time since she had bathed.

In our home, we fed her two breakfasts. When finally she had eaten enough, she asked if she could use our phone to call her husband and children to let them know she was okay. They had not heard from her in many weeks. (This happened before cell phones were invented and we had to pay for long distance calls.) More thoughts buzzed through my head: “Was the call long distance? What would it cost us? Why am I even wondering about that?”

Through our kindness, we gave the Father’s love to this stranger. The Holy Spirit had inspired us to invite her into our hospitality, which was a gift that God had given to us for her benefit at that moment. In the inevitable ripple effect of love, the Father reawakened love in her heart, motivating her to reach out to her family.

We don’t know what happened to her after we took her to a homeless shelter. Most of the time, we don’t see the results of sharing the Father’s love with strangers. But it feels great to be part of God’s plan for them. That feeling is a gift from God to us. It’s his smile as he dances for joy with us.

To be a witness does not consist in engaging in propaganda, nor even in stirring people up, but in being a living mystery. It means to live in such a way that one’s life would not make sense if God did not exist. (Cardinal Emmanuel Célestin Suhard, who served as archbishop of Paris during World War II; from his book Priests Among Men)

You are the Father’s gift to the world — most specifically to the people he has put in your path. This includes your parents, your children, your coworkers, the stranger who sits next to you in church next Sunday, the clerk in the grocery store, and so forth.

To everyone you meet, Abba is handing them a gift — and that gift is you. Your faith. Your healthy relationship with him. Not everyone will accept the Father’s gifts when he offers it to them. Not everyone will accept you as a gift from the Father. But you are a gift nonetheless.

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received from God to help others. Be faithful stewards of God’s grace. When you speak, do so as one who speaks the very words of God the Father, who is revealing himself to others through you like he did through Jesus. Serve with the strength God provides, so that in all things the Father may be glorified. (Paraphrased from 1 Peter 4:10-11)

Jesus did not stay at home in Nazareth after he began his public ministry, talking about the Father to just a few people. Capernaum became more or less his home town, but he traveled often so that more people could meet the Father through his actions and his teachings and his parables. Jesus knew that everyone longed for the Father’s love but many had been waylaid by sin and misconceptions.

Jesus went through all the towns and villages … proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:35-38 NIV)

You and I are today’s answer to that prayer!

Abba’s plan

Jesus took his disciples with him on his mission trips, building their faith, unveiling to them the truth, teaching them how to live as children of the Father. He’s been doing that with you, too. And everywhere he went, he reached out to others, revealing the Father by being the compassion of the Father, the forgiveness and mercy of the Father, the caring helpfulness of the Father, and the Father’s authority over evil.

His plan today is to do that again — through you.

God’s love created us. God’s love for others is the reason why he gifted us with talents and wisdom and altruism. In our concern for others, he can reach them through us. You and I have been designed with abilities, passions and desires that can make a difference in the hearts of those who need help in seeking and finding God.

The best moments in life are when we lose ourselves in the gifts that Abba has given to us. This means using our talents in alignment with his desires, being — just being — what God wants us to be. Who are you when you are “just being” yourself? You are a beloved child of Abba. Having inherited his “genes”, the DNA of his divine nature, you have within you the compassion of the Father, the forgiveness and mercy of the Father, the caring helpfulness of the Father, and the Father’s authority over evil.

And the world desperately needs this! There are people around you who desperately need it from you.

Although Jesus was the most humble person who ever lived, he never hid himself. Yet we think that being humble means hiding ourselves so that we don’t draw attention to ourselves. And thus we miss opportunities to evangelize.

When Jesus cursed the fig tree, why did that story make it into scripture? (See Mark 11:12-14 and 20.) Was it to show that he had a temper? Was he demonstrating that when nature does not keep up with the desires of God, it gets punished? The answer is neither. It’s in the Bible to teach us that, if we are unproductive and unfruitful when God wants to benefit from us, we are cursed. We are the fig tree that’s been cursed with uselessness. What a horrible feeling!

Blessed are we when we work with God to clear up the misconceptions that have been keeping people away from his love. Cursed are we if we are useless to God; our souls wither and die like the fig tree did.

Today’s Exercise:
Acknowledge your giftedness

Write a list of your traits that could be (and have been) useful to God as a gift to others. It might be as small (seemingly) as a phone call or text message asking someone how they’re doing today. And it might be as big as generating ideas for starting or improving a public ministry. Either way, when you offer them to the Father, he greatly appreciates you. Write down everything you can think of, and tomorrow or next week when another one occurs to you, return to your list and add it.

* * *

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