Have you noticed that in a garden it is easier to experience God than nearly anywhere else? Praying while sitting in or working in a garden is a direct connection to our Creator. Why is that? Because it’s a return to the Garden of Paradise, the Garden of Eden. The close relationship that God intended to have with all of his human creations was first brought into reality here. He wants to restore for us the closeness that our first parents, Adam and Eve, lost.

Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so…. And God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1:11-13 NIV).

Day 21 on the journey includes:

  1. Blaise from Uganda tells the story of how he used his garden to help someone learn of Abba-Father’s great love for her:

After planting watermelons in one of my gardens of 10 acres, I looked around and saw a lady. I didn’t know her history, but I invited her to have the other 10 acres of land for planting beans. I wanted her to plant beans because this would improve the nitrogen in the soil, which would benefit my fruits. It was a 50-50 deal, but to her it meant a lot more. She wondered how a stranger could give her all that land.

Some of the people who found out about it were not happy. I wondered why. Then one day she came to thank me. She said that she never expected anyone on Earth to love her and give her such a generous offer. She explained that she had been rejected by her husband 20 years ago and the whole community turned against her. Now she saw a miracle in her life: God had brought someone to show her his love. She told me that my offer had given her peace and joy simply because she felt God’s love. He treated her special, choosing her to have that free land instead of anyone else in her village.

Praise God! You don’t know how high you are raising up a soul when you share generously. You don’t know how much you will show God’s loving closeness to someone.

As we can see from Blaise’s story, a garden can produce not just plants but miracles too. The woman he helped received the miracle of hearing God choose her above all others.

Blaise's watermelon garden and bean sprouts

  1. How did your parents show you God’s garden?
  2. Another treasure from childhood, which still adorns a special place in my house, is one of my first needlepoints. It says, “Seen as God sees them, all things are beautiful.”

Seen as God sees them, all things are beautiful

  1. Here in Florida, there’s a wildflower called lantana. When we moved into the house we built, lantanas decorated the yard and we cultivated them as bushes.

lantana in God's garden

  1. The lessons of nature’s beauty
  2. Your spiritual garden
  3. Fertilizer for your garden
  4. The community garden
  5. Identify what the Father has planted in you


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