Terry Modica is executive director of Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay (gnm.org), which she founded with her husband Ralph in 1995 to help people grow closer to Christ and enter the embrace of the Father, then serve as evangelizers empowered by the Holy Spirit. As a leader in lay apostleship and a pioneer in using internet technologies for Catholic outreach since 1996, her ministry is international.

As a writer, her first article was published in 1982. Since 1988, she has been a book author, speaker, prolific writer of daily reflections and many other works, and a spiritual director.

Terry Modica has a Bachelor’s Degree in theology from Cloverdale College and certifications in two Lay Pastoral Ministry institutes. Since becoming Catholic in 1977, she has served the Church in a wide variety of parish and diocesan ministries, on staff and as a volunteer. She has been vetted by the Diocese of St. Petersburg and Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay is included in the Official Catholic Directory.

Her personal testimony, shared at speaking engagements and in her writings, includes how the Holy Spirit brought her into the Catholic faith in 1977 by giving her instant faith in the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and how a few years later Jesus introduced her to God the Father (her human dad was emotionally and spiritually distant) and to the Blessed Mother (raised a Protestant, it took a miracle to start that relationship).

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