When my son was a baby and I got the flu, a friend did something that nearly destroyed my faith in God the Father a few years later. Find out what happened. I learned a very important key to faith that changed my life forever. It’s so key, I want you to learn it too. That’s why I wrote the book, 30 Days to the Father’s Heart.

30 Days to the Father’s Heart:
A do-it-yourself guide to heal your father wounds through the love of Father God

Order NowWhat are you seeking from God your Father? Has anything happened to you nearly destroyed your faith?

Do you know that, if what you want is good and God doesn’t have a better plan, you already have what you seek? It often takes time for it to be revealed and understood, but God has already granted it because he loves you far more than you realize.

30 Days to the Father’s Heart is written to help you experience the wonderfulness of the True Father’s heart so that your faith can be set free to reach its full potential. It’s an inspirational guide to healing that will enable you to experience God the Father as he truly is, using scriptures, true life stories, and theological reflection. In it, we’ll identify and overcome the most common misconceptions that interfere with faith in God.

  • Discover how much God the Father cares about you — it’s way more than you imagine!
  • Embrace your true self as the Father’s beloved child and become fully what he designed you to be.
  • Heal from the dissatisfaction and disappointments that happen in every relationship by opening up to God’s perfect love.

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The Father loves you!

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