Bill Snyder, founder of Patchwork Heart Ministry, interviewed me for his podcast show Young Catholics Respond. Listen to this great discussion of what to do about the struggle to feel God’s love more fully.

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Video Excerpt:

Bill Snyder: I would love for you to just maybe talk to the person that’s struggling right now. Talk to that person who’s out there listening to this, going, “Man, I don’t know where to begin and how to start.” I think you’ve given some really awesome advice, but just talk to that person for a few minutes.

Terry Modica: The starting place is your need, is just being in touch with your need and identifying that the need is valid, that you are so important to God that he wants to relieve you of the struggle. But first we have to go through the struggle to get to the goal. Usually our struggles happen and are painful because we don’t know what to do with the struggle. We don’t know how to get relief. But when we face the struggle … God is there with open arms waiting to embrace you and to let you know what he is really like.

For example, a common struggle people have is: Why isn’t God answering my prayers? Doesn’t he know how important this is? Why is it taking so long? Doesn’t he know I need this to happen now? Where is God the Father’s love in that struggle? Why is he making us wait? You know, there’s there’s a lot in that struggle that can be revealed….


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