Your opinion matters. Let’s show my potential publisher why they’d want to say yes to publishing this book!

There are just 6 more chapters that I need to finish writing! I’m going to go on retreat next week to push out 3 more. And now that I’m this close to the finish line, I’ll soon be showing it to my publisher. The editor-in-chief asked me to show her the completed book before making a decision about publishing it.

Do you like this book? Has Abba-Father ministered to you through it? If so, please look over the chapters you’ve read so far and leave a comment about how they blessed you and why you believe more people should read them.

It would be so awesome if you did this. Thank you so much for taking the time! What you say could make the difference between a yes and a no from the publishing house.

Thank you!
-Terry Modica

reading a book

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