In this podcast episode of the Sewing Hope show produced by Bill Snyder and Anne DeSantis, I exposed the secret agendas of satanists regarding families and the role of fatherhood — and our role in defeating evil. We discussed answering the call to do important work for the Kingdom of God and how this always turns out to be much better than we imagined. We’re all needed!

Meanwhile, I’ve sent the manuscript of my book 30 Days to the Father’s Heart to a publisher. Normally authors have to try several publishers, one at a time, before getting that “yes”. If you believe the world needs this book this year, please pray that the publisher I contacted yesterday says yes.

Saint Joseph provides protection to familiesIn this podcast episode, when I talked about the destruction of families, we advocated Saint Joseph as a role model. It’s very valuable to consecrate our families to his patronage and his protection. I recommended the chapter on Saint Joseph. Click here to read it.

We also discussed the demonic nature of the occult and what to do if we know someone who is caught in its trap. I recommended my book Overcoming the Power of the Occult, available from Queenship Publishing Company @

My novel, Victor, which is a supernatural thriller about defeating satanic agendas, was also mentioned; it’s available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook @

If you like this podcast, you’ll also like my Footsteps to Heaven podcast show.

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