Day 25: Saints and Mystics Reveal the Father’s Heart

Rays of divine illumination remind us of what saints and mystics have revealed

The heart of the Father is breaking. It grieves him to see so many of his precious children fall into Satan’s hands. He cherishes even the worst evil-doers more than we can imagine. Abba-Father has been reaching out to them in countless ways, including through saints and mystics. God is mighty, but despises no one; / he is mighty, and firm in his purpose…. But if people are bound in chains, / held fast by cords of affliction, / he tells them what they have done—/ that they have sinned arrogantly. / He makes them listen to correction and commands them to repent of their evil. / If they obey and serve him, / they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity / and their years in contentment. / But if they do not listen, they will perish by the sword / and die without knowledge. (Job 36:5,8-12 […] Read More

Day 24: The Tears of Abba for Lost Souls

dead roses represent lost souls

Have you ever wondered how God feels about the lost souls in your family? You pray for them because you yearn for their salvation. You even ache for them, knowing that their sinful lifestyles are separating them from the God who loves them and they are endangering their eternal souls.  When Israel was a child, I loved him, /and out of Egypt I called my son. /… It was I who taught Ephraim to walk, / taking them by the arms; / but they did not realize / it was I who healed them. (Hosea 11:1,3 NIV) Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina said, “Oh the souls! If you knew how much they cost! …God runs after the most stubborn souls. They cost him too much to abandon them.” One of my college professors was an avowed atheist. I became friends with Professor Kirk when I joined the campus planetarium staff; he […] Read More